WOW, I Actually Forgot…

Fifty and fabulous? More like Fifty and forgetful. I actually forgot  I had a blog going on. I guess  have been too busy living life.

I do know yesterday I was pre-occupied with keeping track of College Football news. First, Florida QB was caught with his pants down using performance drugs. Then, USC coach was fired after being told to take some time off Sunday. Third, USC coach Steve Spurrier resigned effective immediately. As Spurrier said, “It’s time.”

Sunday, a Memphis cop was shot and the fool has not been charged with anything but possession of a gun which infuriates me to no end. I guess they don’t have enough evidence. I have read too many mysteries and watch way too many Law  & Order episodes where I want to roll in and scream, “He shot the cop! Charge him ASAP.”  Kim’s opinions do not matter in this instance.

Been watching lots of baseball. Looks like Chicago Cubs are doing good after so many years. I am actually glad. Felt bad for that Cub fan Steve Bartman who catch the foul ball.

Stay tune folks!


One thought on “WOW, I Actually Forgot…

  1. It infuriates me too how many criminals shoot at and kill cops and then don’t end up in jail over it. Seriously? They used to hang people for that in the old days. Now they let them walk away because they are afraid of affirmative action and lawsuits. The way the law seems to work now is this. If you shoot a cop, you are defending yourself against a hate crime. If a cop shoots you, he’s a racist. Even though you robbed a liquor store and try to shoot him first. Makes no sense to me.

    And on the sports scene, The Nashville Predators are kicking butt. They’ve won 6 out of 7 games.


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