You can not create a masterpiece

You can not create a masterpiece in a day, week or month. I have tried a million times. And I will keep on trying.  I have a story to tell. I know I am no Margaret Mitchell thousand page “Gone with the Wind”.  I am more of a fifty-six page Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which is short and playful more like me.

It is frustrating not being able to whip out a bestseller in a day. It is a story of my life. Right before I sleep each night, I write a novel or two in my head and they are really good – full of kick-butt inspiration and meaning of life. Too bad, my brain can not detached itself and write the novels while I sleep.

This article – – directed me in a new direction tonight.  I am sure that road or life is filled with stones and numerous forks that lead wherever.


One thought on “You can not create a masterpiece

  1. Don’t over think this book. And never compare your story with others and think it’s not good enough. Everyone’s story is different. If it wasn’t it would be a boring world. Write down any and all thoughts you have each day. And in the end, it will all come together into the greatest story you’ve ever told.


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