Thinking Out Loud



I named Comcast, my internet/cable, provider “Comcrap or Comcramp”!

I love college basketball and in my imagination -ESPN knew this and they made a day especially for me or for lovers of college basketball called Tip-off marathon. Tip-off marathon is a day or two days of thirty – four hours of college basketball. Its a glorious day of seventeen ballgames broadcast over the ESPN family networks. I just love this time of the sports year – basketball galore.

Well COMCRAMP had a different plan; a plan of NO BASKETBALL! I woke up this morning late after a game in California and no cable or internet. I cussed, I prayed, I pouted – still no cable. I called. “O ma’am there is an outlage in your area” says the foreigner. My response was, “No kidding SHERLOCK.” Another foreigner said he would prorate my account for me.

I survived Comcramp’s evil. Read, drank coffee, listened to ballgames on static radio, texted a lot, and watched a delightful movie. Often I see a Facebook post asking would you go internetless/cableless/wireless for a million bucks? Yes I would.

Welcome to my BLOG

Hi ya’ll. This is not painful.  celebrte

I promise this won’t hurt. I started a blog (yes you are reading it) because I wanted to educate and entertain people with my witty stories and articles. But so far the blog traffic has suck. It has been non-essential. I am beyond dumbness on how to drum up an audience. So maybe I need to give instructions on what to do…

Congratulations <applause> you are actually reading my blog. Yea pat yourself on the back. I wish  I had a hundred dollars to give you but since I don’t have galore of money, the satisfaction of reading and being entertain is the reward.

Ok NOW this might be the hard part – leave a comment. YES you can do it – leave a comment, either “good job Kim” or “you suck Kim”. Either one is fine. I don’t care.

Now by “commenting” it would be nice if you sign up to receive notifications of when I publish a blog.  “O no Kim, that is commitment! I can’t do that! That might hurt.” No it won’t. I promise. Signing up to receive notifications of a publish blog by myself is a nice polite way of showing your support and love for my writing. And you might be educated and entertain in the process.

Now I thank you for your undivided attention and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a blogger and her audience!