Happy New Year to all my readers.

Instead of a New Year resolution, (firm decision to do or not to do something), I am calling “it” a determination.  Resolutions are something of a holiday wish. One makes the wish at midnight and then retire for the night,  and the wish magically proofs into the cold night to cause the person grief upon the wish not coming true.

Determination is a state of mind.  One is determine to do better in whatever it may be – lose weight, to give more and to be a better person. That is what I am determine to be in 2016.

I am at my heaviest ever and it really bothers me so I plan on doing whatever I can. I am limited to exercising because of the Cerebral Palsy. I might go to the YMCA here downtown Memphis and see what they say. I don’t believe in setting a specific number of pounds to lose. That usually sets one up to fail.  I will just say “to lose <period>”.

I want to give more – not money but more of myself and my time.  I want to be more active in my blog and to be more aware of the different campaigns online to bring awareness to different causes. I am starting my Cerebral Palsy campaign preparation early for it to be more effective. This is very important. If ya’ll have any green ideas (green is CP color), please let me know.

I am determine to be a happier better person in 2016.  Shit happens and it usually happens to me. That’s life – my crazy ass life. I want to smile more and laugh more. Drink  more coffee and just be a happier person.

What are your determinations?






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