Open Dialogue with God

So often I find myself shouting, “What are you doing God?” in reference to an ongoing problem or a hell of a day that I so frequently have had recently.  And He of course will reply, “What ARE you doing, Kim?”

I write that to share this thought – do we humans know what we doing?  I sure as hell don’t. I am just swinging it day by day. Some days  I hit foul balls ending way out in the boondocks.  Other days I hit a totally strike out  The days I hit a homerun, I usually don’t know how huge of a hit it was until days later. In my mind, God has a wand and hits me with it daily to knock some sense in me.  He will casually say, “Hey Friday wasn’t so bad, was it?”  I will say in a surprisingly way- “Yea Friday was kinda nice. But last night kinda sucked.” He will reply, “True but you survived, didn’t you? It taught you to rely more on Immodium which is a good lesson to learn.” I stick out my tongue.

Recently I had a conversation with a dear friend about the saying – God will never give you more than you can handle. At times in my life, I’ve had a dinner plate full to the hilt, a salad plate full, a delicious soup bowl full and He throws dessert my way. It’s usually cheesecake but sometimes I want to throw it in God’s face and scream ENOUGH! He usually doesn’t hear me and throws cupcakes on top.  Then I say, “Ok tell me how to deal.” I don’t pray to have a better life, I pray for strength and wisdom to deal and to cope.  One must have open dialogue with God in life. He gives you shit to deal with – -it’s called LIFE but how you handle it depends on how well you are swinging and who is your pitcher…

I want to dedicate this to Tammy Jones.










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