Peyton (no last name required) retired today and yes I have balled and a piece of my heart is breaking. I knew this day was coming but that doesn’t ease the breaking.

I have followed his career from the “Rocky Top” days where he directed the University of Tennessee band to a rendition of “Rocky Top” after an enormous win. I remembered cheering for him in the SEC championship against Auburn. My grandma was able to watch his greatness before she died. Watching him lead Tennessee was like watching a conductor teach an orchestra, as part art and part science. He prepared for games like no other.

When he was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts, I became a Colts fan. He lead the Colts to a Super Bowl victory. He was an incredible starter . He was an expert on the “no huddle” which confused his opponents. He broke all records.

He was traded to Denver Broncos;  thus, I became a Bronco fan.

Peyton is/was a class act on and off the field which if you think about it, is all that matters. He is a legend. I greatly admire him as a human.

He’s also said the word “Omaha” more than any other player in history.

No regrets, he has no regrets as he exit this chapter of his life. And whatever he does, I will always be a Peyton fan.

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