Welcome to my BLOG

Hi ya’ll. This is not painful.  celebrte

I promise this won’t hurt. I started a blog (yes you are reading it) because I wanted to educate and entertain people with my witty stories and articles. But so far the blog traffic has suck. It has been non-essential. I am beyond dumbness on how to drum up an audience. So maybe I need to give instructions on what to do…

Congratulations <applause> you are actually reading my blog. Yea pat yourself on the back. I wish  I had a hundred dollars to give you but since I don’t have galore of money, the satisfaction of reading and being entertain is the reward.

Ok NOW this might be the hard part – leave a comment. YES you can do it – leave a comment, either “good job Kim” or “you suck Kim”. Either one is fine. I don’t care.

Now by “commenting” it would be nice if you sign up to receive notifications of when I publish a blog.  “O no Kim, that is commitment! I can’t do that! That might hurt.” No it won’t. I promise. Signing up to receive notifications of a publish blog by myself is a nice polite way of showing your support and love for my writing. And you might be educated and entertain in the process.

Now I thank you for your undivided attention and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a blogger and her audience!

Lunatic Mania

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Yes, I was right. I had to google it and full moon is Tuesday, October 27. People tend to be short-tempered and/or ill-willed around and on full moon dates. After working in the mental health field for years, I can testify the full moon brings out the lunacy in society.

The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents,  birthrates, and fertility. Although there is  documented phenomenon,  nothing significant has been replicated sufficiently to warrant claiming a probable causal relationship.

With that said, asked any Labor and Delivery nurse and they will state most babies are delivered during a full moon cycle. “Pregnant women tend to believe they need to be in labor (during a full moon).”

Even a florist  I interviewed said, “They also buy more roses for no apparent reason. I have tracked it. Its true. It’s crazy! All the nutty people come out and people get cranky and men buy more roses! ” Now I don’t know why men would be more incline to purchasing roses. I think that might a topic for another article.

The question is how does the phase of the moon affect behaviors of human beings. There are many theories but no concrete evidence. It could be because there is more brightness at night causing more people to “remember” things. The full moon provides a link because homeless people susceptible to mania and seizures might have been more likely to suffer them when deprived of sleep by the brightness of full moons.

It is ironic the full moon coincides with Halloween week this year. Many people go “crazy” over the full moon because of the fullness and brightness whereas, others just go plain CRAZY.

You can not create a masterpiece

You can not create a masterpiece in a day, week or month. I have tried a million times. And I will keep on trying.  I have a story to tell. I know I am no Margaret Mitchell thousand page “Gone with the Wind”.  I am more of a fifty-six page Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which is short and playful more like me.

It is frustrating not being able to whip out a bestseller in a day. It is a story of my life. Right before I sleep each night, I write a novel or two in my head and they are really good – full of kick-butt inspiration and meaning of life. Too bad, my brain can not detached itself and write the novels while I sleep.

This article – http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/10-things-your-freelance-editor-might-not-tell-you-but-should – directed me in a new direction tonight.  I am sure that road or life is filled with stones and numerous forks that lead wherever.


WOW, I Actually Forgot…

Fifty and fabulous? More like Fifty and forgetful. I actually forgot  I had a blog going on. I guess  have been too busy living life.

I do know yesterday I was pre-occupied with keeping track of College Football news. First, Florida QB was caught with his pants down using performance drugs. Then, USC coach was fired after being told to take some time off Sunday. Third, USC coach Steve Spurrier resigned effective immediately. As Spurrier said, “It’s time.”

Sunday, a Memphis cop was shot and the fool has not been charged with anything but possession of a gun which infuriates me to no end. I guess they don’t have enough evidence. I have read too many mysteries and watch way too many Law  & Order episodes where I want to roll in and scream, “He shot the cop! Charge him ASAP.”  Kim’s opinions do not matter in this instance.

Been watching lots of baseball. Looks like Chicago Cubs are doing good after so many years. I am actually glad. Felt bad for that Cub fan Steve Bartman who catch the foul ball.

Stay tune folks!


My roommate, Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the forgotten disability. Cancer is ruling everything – marketing and research. CP is the most common physical disability in childhood. It is caused by abnormalities in parts of the brain that control muscle movements.  The majority of children with cerebral palsy are born with it, although it may not be detected until months or years later.  CP can not be cured but it can be treated with physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, drugs to control seizures, relax muscle spasms, and alleviate pain; surgery to correct anatomical abnormalities or release tight muscles; braces and other orthotic devices; wheelchairs and rolling walkers; and communication aids such as computers with attached voice synthesizers.

While the Pope was visiting the US, he blessed a majority of children. And those children always had CP. I cheered and applauded. So glad CP was well represented.

CP lives with me. It is an interesting roommate. Because of IT, I am known to do stuff differently.

I think and know my main reason of being a participant on earth is to spread awareness and educate about Cerebral Palsy.



50 and FABULOUS!

A friend, a very good friend, suggested I start blogging about advocacy. I came up with every excuse in the book as to why not. Then I saw a Facebook message posted by a another friend sharing a blog. The blog was WordPress. I checked it out and decided why not. The beginning process has been easy so we’ll see what happens.

I just turned fifty – fifty and fabulous. Last night before I drifted off to sleep, I thought about the past ten years. I won’t bore you with the details. Needless to say, a lot happen.

Let’s see what the next ten years may hold.