Lunatic Mania

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Yes, I was right. I had to google it and full moon is Tuesday, October 27. People tend to be short-tempered and/or ill-willed around and on full moon dates. After working in the mental health field for years, I can testify the full moon brings out the lunacy in society.

The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents,  birthrates, and fertility. Although there is  documented phenomenon,  nothing significant has been replicated sufficiently to warrant claiming a probable causal relationship.

With that said, asked any Labor and Delivery nurse and they will state most babies are delivered during a full moon cycle. “Pregnant women tend to believe they need to be in labor (during a full moon).”

Even a florist  I interviewed said, “They also buy more roses for no apparent reason. I have tracked it. Its true. It’s crazy! All the nutty people come out and people get cranky and men buy more roses! ” Now I don’t know why men would be more incline to purchasing roses. I think that might a topic for another article.

The question is how does the phase of the moon affect behaviors of human beings. There are many theories but no concrete evidence. It could be because there is more brightness at night causing more people to “remember” things. The full moon provides a link because homeless people susceptible to mania and seizures might have been more likely to suffer them when deprived of sleep by the brightness of full moons.

It is ironic the full moon coincides with Halloween week this year. Many people go “crazy” over the full moon because of the fullness and brightness whereas, others just go plain CRAZY.