Why is Sex such Taboo?

Why is sex such a taboo subject?

In my older age, non-mate stage of my life, I am incline to masturbate with the help of a sex toy, the pocket rocket. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It makes my toes curl and relaxes me. With me having Cerebral Palsy, relaxing (my muscles) is a huge relief.

I posted “I have a new toy” on Facebook and I know people are taken aback and  I just giggled.  Sex is how we got here as  human beings.

My parents never discussed sex. So when I lost my virginity I ran to the bathroom to call my best male friend at that time so he could decipher the ordeal to me. It was ugly. He confirmed that it was indeed sex.

Over the years, sex has improved but instances happen to forced me to openly talk about it and realized the world would not stop. In 1996 I was diagnosed with Endometrosis. I discussed with several doctors how painful sex was. Being new I thought it was normal but I also had back pain and major bleeding to help initiate the diagnosis.

In 2006 I discussed my wacko sex life with 2 FBI agents in my living room. I got involved with a sex addict who loved sex games. To come find out, this addict was wanted in California for producing child porn. The agents questioned me and ceased my home computer.  At that time of my life I thought sex games was common with couples. It is NOT.  PEOPLE – talk openly about sex.

I seriously think if we as  society were to discuss sex, fewer rapes would happen. Women would KNOW that  this forceful action is not accepted. And I know it would decrease the rapes not reported. Because sex is such taboo, females are less likely to come forward.

I love the HBO series “Sex and the City. I applaud the creator and writers. “I had sex and it was FANTASTIC” was a common opening to any scene. I found it welcoming and refreshing. It taught that it is perfectly OK to talk about sex. Talking is how we learn and educate each other.

So YES I am a 50 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I masturbate with the POCKET ROCKET and I love it!